About our software

The Edison Low Frequency simulator is a tool designed to simulate the result magnetic field of some configuration of power lines, coils, transformers and electric cupboards. It enables to create a graphic view of power lines, coils, transformer and electric cabinet. Each graphic item has attached fields like current (effective current), phase, position etc...

The user create the items in a two dimension screen but the result can be seen also in a three dimension screen. The user can find the result magnetic field of all the electromagnetic items by pressing the appropriate button. The magnetic field result is demonstrated by iso lines in two and three dimension screens.

Get fast software simulation for your Windows desktops. System requirements: - Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later versions of Windows,

NET Framework 4.5

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Program Specifications

Magnetic Field

Fast calculation of magnetic field, result shown on ISO lines diagrams.

Electric Objects

Easily add and move electric cabinet, electric transformer and electric poles.

3D and 2D screens

All the electric objects are presented on two and three dimension screens.

Architectural map

The user can add several Architectural map with gap distance between them.

Electromagnetic simulation in three dimension

The Edison Low Frequency Simulator is a tool designed to simulate the result magnetic field of some configuration in 50-60 Hz frequency.
The electric configuration can includes power lines, coils , transformers, electric cabinet and electric poles. It is ease-of-use and includes 3D graphics and more.
The license key is send by email and allow you to work immediately after you received it.
3D Picture TS mit Isolinienbilder_2