ELF 100 Simulator

The ELF 100 simulator is a tool designed to simulate the result magnetic field of some configuration of power lines, coils ,transformers and electric cupboards. It enables to create a graphic view of power lines, coils, transformer and electric cabinet. Each graphic item has attached fields like current (effective current), phase, position etc...

The user create the items in a two dimension screen but the result can be seen also in a three dimension screen. The user can find the result magnetic field of all the electromagnetic items by pressing the appropriate button. The magnetic field result is demonstrated by iso lines in two and three dimension screens.

Get fast software simulation for your Windows desktops. System requirements: - Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later versions of Windows,

NET Framework 4.5
simple with iso and opened ES

License Information

The license is delivered by email and it can be installed on one computer only. The user can start working immediately after he received the license key. For full performance (especially the magnetic field calculation) the user must be connected to the internet.

In case of some damage to the computer a new license will be provided for the remaining period. So, unlike licensing using USB hardware key (dongle) the user does not have to worry about it getting lost or stolen.



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